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Candy Crush Jelly Saga Cheats [3.3.2]

About Game Candy Crush Jelly Saga

Candy Crush Jelly Saga Cheats – Gold Bars

At the outset, it should be explained that the latest edition of the hit series does not make the grade any revolutionary innovations – the gameplay is so laying sweets. Standard, but honestly I must admit that at the moment of release of the first part of it was stale formula that King has refined almost to perfection, and so it is in this case.

The company has released King Candy Crush Saga in 2012. Less than a dozen months later, the studio could boast that the game has been downloaded 500 million times. No wonder, then, that the company Activision Blizzard reached last year’s deep pockets and decided to buy a horrendous sum studio behind candy sproductions. King under new boss not slowed the pace and issued another title in the series – Jelly Candy Crush Saga.

Anyone who has ever played the game type match-3 knows that the rules of the game in this type of productions are not complicated. The Candy Crush Saga we only had to combine three or more appearing on the board of sweetness. If we were able to set up three candies in line, they gave way to the board. With luck (or rather perceptive player) connected the more candy so we received additional bonuses.

It was enough that we get a sufficient number of points using the specified number of moves and we could move on to the next board. Candy Crush Soda Saga was basically the same production with minor changes, hidden under additional slightly changed name.

Rules Jelly Candy Crush Saga are roughly similar – you also have to connect three or more elements on the board, but our goal is no longer to get as many points or eliminate sweets from the board and cover the spread jelly on all fields. Contrary to appearances, this is a much more difficult task than in previous editions of the game and here often, however, you have to move his head, that managed to reach the goal.

We spread the jelly candies combining on the board as in the previous editions, but at least one field that we are going to merge with others, to be a field of jelly. Thus disappearing field turn out to be the gelatinous. Simple? Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, the levels are really challenging, and the game you have to concentrate hard.

But that’s not all the disadvantages with which we face during the game. Besides, the board often hide bugs. Honest Pufflersy can not just hide behind layers of icing, you still need to break, but also have the ability to navigate through the level and hiding the candy. Effect? We must continue to circulate around the board to find monsters.

Their locate the most difficult should not be, because the game itself shows us where fleeing Pufflers be hid. “Gouged” bugs out of icing before he again flee or before the completion of all permissible movement is a challenge, and not once managed to drive me crazy. You need to get some think not to waste any of their movements.

These are not, however, the most frustrating levels in the game. This is called, in my case, I admit fights with bosses. In this case, we just have to take care of the entire board our color jelly before your opponent. I must admit that SI Jelly Candy Crush Saga is an extremely challenging opponent, so a few times I happened to show their displeasure shouting some not very flattering words about the game in the direction of my iPhone 5S.

Often too, so that the opponent uses our moves in your favor, so sometimes you have to think ahead, and to abandon the tempting combination of candy to block further expansion of jelly different color. On the other hand, these steps always bring a lot of adrenaline and the fight would be happy to come back (because I will not be bum candy jelly blow!).

Is Jelly Candy Crush Saga is addictive? Yes, and it’s very. Fortunately studio King strongly limited the possibilities under microtransactions. Crossing one level, if you really laboriously we’re doing, it takes up to 10 minutes. For every entry level pay virtual life. In the package we have the fifth regeneration of one such life lasts up to half an hour. Long, therefore we are not able to play. The result is coitus interruptus and the long wait for the regeneration of life.

Binding audiovisual not changed much to the previous views. Still we are dealing here with a bright world where the color of candy even beat us in the eyes. The sounds in the game as usual lead for the umpteenth time, so I’d better get rid of them from the game.

With a series of Candy Crush Saga is the title pages of candy. Too much to eat them you can not, because it’s unhealthy. And although we know that we should not again reach for the sweets wrapped in colored papers. Jelly is not a game that will rock hearts of players, however, and so would marry her masochists millions around the world who will pore over successive levels to spread the jelly on the board. And they sit long, because to overcome more than 120 levels.


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Candy Crush Jelly Saga Cheats

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How To Use The Candy Crush Jelly Saga Cheats

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Status: Working

How to use Candy Crush Jelly Saga Cheats [movie]

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Candy Crush Jelly Saga Cheats

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